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Listen live Friday nights. What was the last song we played? Why, it was "Froggy Went A-Courting," by Anne Hills, Cindy Mangsen, with Dave van Ronk.

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The 2024 ATA Theme Song

During 2024 we will be featuring Kat Eggleston's "Some Kind of Wondering," from Speak (2009).

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Playlist from Friday, July 12, 2024

The last ten tunes played on July 12, 2024.

9:55 pm - Anne Hills, Cindy Mangsen, with Dave van Ronk, "Froggy Went A-Courting,"Never Grow Up (Flying Fish #671)

9:52 pm - Ted Hawkins, "I Got What I Wanted,"Songs from Venice Beach (Evidence #28000)

9:48 pm - Kim & Reggie Harris, & Rabbi Jonathan Kligler, "B'chol Dor Va'Dor/I'm on My Way,"Let My People Go! (Appleseed #1084)

9:43 pm - Neil Young, "Running Dry,"Everybody Knows This is Nowhere (Reprise #6349)

9:40 pm - Nicolette Good, "C'Mon Doc,"Reverie (Nicolette Good #N/A)

9:27 pm - Amy Speace, "If You Fall,"Tucson (Windbone #N/A)

9:23 pm - Mark O'Connor, "Goin' Home,"Markology II (OMAC #27)

9:20 pm - Banjo Nickaru and Western Scooches, "You Are My Sunshire,"Very Next Thing (On the Bol #0003)

9:17 pm - Joe Linthcombe, "Humming Blues,"Chimpin' the Blues (East River Records #N/A)

9:14 pm - Corey Harris, "Fish Ain't Bitin',"Fish Ain't Bitin' (Alligator #4850)

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